Vol. 5 No. 1 (2014): Volume 5: Primary Health Care and Health Care Reform
Volume 5: Primary Health Care and Health Care Reform

This volume explores the intracacies of Canadian health care, with an emphasis on issues surrounding marginalized populations. Sub themes in this volume include:

An exploration of challenges and opportunities for primary care delivery
The role of primary health care in prevention and control of acute and chronic disease
Public engagement in reform initiatives

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Volume 5

Main Submissions

Hieu Ly
page 37-page 38
Barriers to healthcare services among recent immigrants in Canadian cities
Cameron Moore
page 39-page 40
Implementing exercise therapy into primary health care
Jae-Yung Kwon, Wendy Masinde
page 41-page 42
Using Cuba’s example to improve primary healthcare in Canada
Stephanie Patricia Kowal, Derek Clark
page 43-page 45
Communicating genomic risk in primary health care: challenges and opportunities for providers
Wendy Masinde, Jae-Yung Kwon
page 46-page 48
Effects of cutting refugee health benefits in Canada
Louis Wang, Qinya Zhang
page 49-page 50
It’s time to move away from fee-for-service
Katie Ross
page 51-page 52
Primary care and the transgender population: Supporting providers through training and education
Rebecca Liu
page 53-page 54
Closing the health gap among Canadians: Using Co-Active Life Coaching to address the challenges to primary healthcare
Laura Mesana
page 55-page 56
The changing face of HIV/AIDS care
Emily Parkinson
page 57-page 58
Overcoming language barriers to improve the quality of primary care for migrants
Effie Viguiliouk
page 59-page 60
Poverty: One of the greatest challenges faced by primary health care providers
Tracy S. Moreira-Lucas
page 61-page 62
Weight discrimination within the healthcare system: Myth or reality?
Leigh M. Vanderloo, Gillian Mandich
page 63-page 64
Paediatric obesity prevention: The role of primary health care physicians
Shawn Slade, Nadine Shaban
page 65-page 66
Exercise as medicine: Are primary care professionals equipped to prevent chronic disease through physical activity prescription?
Gobika Sriranganathan
page 67-page 68
Social prescribing in primary care: An alternative treatment option
Laura Katherine Churchill
page 69-page 70
The waiting game: A primary care intervention to improve access to specialist care to patients with osteoarthritis
Katheryn Nicholson, Maxime Sasseville, Eric Contant
page 71-page 73
Multimorbidity:A complex reality in primary health care
Vladimir Khanassov, Pierre Pluye, Isabelle Vedel
page 74-page 76
Dementia in Canadian primary health care: The potential role of case management
Sarah Piekarski
page 77-page 78
A battle in the brain: Post-traumatic stress disorder checklist is an effective screening tools needed for post-traumatic stress disorder in primary care
James R. Vallerand
page 79-page 80
Improving the health and quality of life of cancer survivors through exercise:The role of the primary care physician
Alana Maltby
page 81-page 82
Obesity prevention through primary health care: Promoting physical activity in early childhood
Isabelle A. Vallerand
page 83-page 84
Preventing chronic disease and mortality among primary care patients with mental disorders
Tanya Raaphorst
page 85-page 86
Gluten intolerance:Changing the face of public health
Rebecca Fried
page 87-page 88
Coping through coaching: Co-active life coaching as a method for stress and anxiety management
Ndolo Njie-Mokonya
page 89-page 90
Nurse-practitioner-led models and their influence on primary care provision for Canada
Maedeh Khayyat Kholghi, Gillian Bartlett
page 91-page 93
Advancing research in primary care: A graduate program in family medicine
Erica Bridge
page 94-page 95
Post-discharge telephone calls: Improving the communication gap between patients, families and healthcare providers
Vanitha Arumugam, Joy C. MacDermid
page 96-page 98
A theoretical model to embrace physical activity counselling in primary care practice
Thilina Bandara
page 99-page 100
Housing First and the primary health care approach to health-equity
Eric Contant, Katheryn Nicholson
page 101-page 102
Transdisciplinary collaboration: The future of primary health care
Krystyna Kongats
page 103-page 104
“It’s not you, it’s us”: A hopeful reflection on the tensions of uniting participatory health research and evidence-based medicine
Grady Arnott, Grace Sheehy, Katheryn J. LaRoche
page 105-page 106
Integrating abortion into Canada’s primary health care system with mifepristone
Negin Niksirat, Parna Niksirat
page 107-page 108
Utilizing social media as a platform to facilitate primary care physicians’ exercise referrals among cancer patients and the general public
Loae Khir, Raywat Deonandan
page 109-page 110
Shifting the birth weight paradigm
Danielle Naumann
page 111-page 112
Chronic disease management in primary health care: The role of rehabilitation professions
Chelsea Gordon
page 113-page 114
Recognizing the role of occupational therapists within the primary health care model