Vol. 4 No. 1 (2013): Volume 4: Mental Health and Neurological Diseases
Volume 4: Mental Health and Neurological Diseases

This volume explores the cause and treatment of neurological disease and mental health illnesses, marking HSI's first foray into topics of the brain. Sub themes  cover a range of diseases and topics, including:

The social, economic and environmental determinants of mental health and addiction
Age-related neurodegenerative disorders
Advances, challenges and controversies in diagnosis, treatment and management 

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Volume 4

Ask an Expert

Benoit Labonte
Page 34-Page 36
The epigenetic component of early-life adversity
Diana E. Clarke, Emily A. Kuhl, William E. Narrow
Page 40-Page 43
Finalization of DSM-5, Part I: Classification and criteria

Main Submissions

Erik J. Bracciodieta
Page 51-Page 52
The suburban built environment: Challenges to the mental and SOCial health of older adults
Rowan El-Bialy
Page 53-Page 54
Questioning the assumption of universality in psychiatric approaches to mental healthcare in Canada
Andrea Ennis
Page 55-Page 56
Mental health course: The key to decriminalizing the mentally ill?
Devin Mahnke
Page 57-Page 58
An ounce of prevention would go a long way for depression in Canada
Alice Muirhead
Page 59-Page 60
Rethinking suicide methods and motivation
Johanna Sam
Page 61-Page 62
Tackling youth mental health inequities: opportunities and challenges of eHealth
Renate Sander-Regier
Page 63-Page 64
Solutions at the doorstep: Reflections on physical contact with nature for mental wellness
Amanda K. Slaunwhite
Page 65-Page 67
Staying mindful: Lived experience and mental health care reform in Canada
Yuning Jackie Tang
Page 68-Page 69
Mind and the city: The asSOCiation between urban living and schizophrenia
Leigh Vanderloo, Gillian Mandich
Page 70-Page 71
Battling bullying: Do obese children face the same fight?
Danielle S. Cha
Page 72-Page 73
Depression, diabetes, and dementia: Is there a role for insulin?
Stacy Visser-Grieve
Page 74-Page 75
To die or not to diet: Calpain drives Alzheimer's Disease and cancer progression
Sara Grace Lutz
Page 76-Page 77
Barriers to the diagnosis of affective disorders in Parkinson's Disease
Manjeet Singh
Page 78-Page 80
Redox imbalance and oxidative modifications of macromolecules in brain during aging and neurodegenerative diseases
Eli York
Page 81-Page 82
A young perspective on an aging disease
Thilina Bandara
Page 83-Page 84
A multi-level approach to addressing mental health stigma in Canada
Laura Brunton
Page 85-Page 86
Growing up with cerebral palsy: What are the concerns for mental health?
Lorna Corzine
Page 87-Page 88
Using lived experiences to help identify needed mental health services changes
Gregory S. Day, Harry E. Peery
Page 89-Page 91
Autoimmune synaptic protein encephalopathy syndromes and the interplay between mental heath, neurology and immunology
Namrata Joshi
Page 92-Page 93
Importance of considering methodological variables in rat studies
Farah Rahman
Page 94-Page 95
Huntington's disease: advances, controversies, and challenges
Kelly Ravenek, Mike Ravenek
Page 96-Page 97
Keeping pace with SOCial media technology: Implications for the mental health of individuals with neurological conditions
Jordan W. Squair
Page 98-Page 99
Psychogenic paralysis: A neuroanatomical explanation of conversion
Zakir Uddin, Joy C. MacDemid, Victoria Galea
Page 100-Page 102
A knowledge translation perspective on executive function in clinical practice to mitigate chronic pain
Isabelle A. Vallerand
Page 103-Page 104
Light at the end of the tunnel: A focus on outcomes in mental health services
Katherine Ludlow, Josef Buttigieg
Page 105-Page 106
Not so liberating after all: Multiple Sclerosis disease and treatments