Vol. 2 No. 1 (2011): Volume 2: Cancer
Volume 2: Cancer

This volume encompasses various topics in cancer research and treatment. Sub themes in this volume include:

Advancements in cancer research initiatives across Canada
Public policy and management of cancer
Research advances in the molecular etiology of cancer

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Volume 2

Main Submissions

Anthony J. Apostoli
Page 36-Page 37
Nanotechnology and the promise for enhanced cancer chemotherapy
Carly Barron
Page 38-Page 39
From diabetes to cancer: New applications for targeting AMPK in the clinical setting
Taylor F. Bureyko, Rachel A. Murphy
Page 40-Page 41
Advancing cancer treatment: A move towards individualized therapy
Liana Dedina
Page 42-Page 43
Aurora kinases: A novel target for drug development
Robert L. Myette
Page 44-Page 45
Getting ‘JAK’ed about PI3K signaling in metastatic colorectal cancer
Waqas U. Khan, Diane Blonski
Page 46-Page 47
The global disparity surrounding cancer treatment: How can the gap be closed?
Deepa Singal, Tannis Erickson
Page 48-Page 49
Is population based screening mammography starting at 40 justifiable? Benefits, risks and common sense
Diane Blonski, Waqas U. Khan
Page 50-Page 51
Prevention is key to halting the global silent killer – cancer
Lindsay Kobayashi
Page 52-Page 53
The future of primary cancer prevention in Canada: Reaching for every ounce of prevention means reaching for equity
Michelle Cleghorn
Page 54-Page 55
Public engagement in cancer control in Canada
Ngoc-Thy Dinh
Page 56-Page 57
To screen or not to screen?
Sara Suliman
Page 58-Page 59
The malignant impact of socio-economic disparities
Sasi Shanmugaraj, Geeth C. Gunawardana
Page 60-Page 61
Overcoming sociocultural barriers to clinical breast examinations in South Asian immigrant women living in Canada
Ashley Kornblum
Page 62-Page 63
Adherence to exercise in cancer survivors
Angela Zwiers
Page 64-Page 65
Survivor?...The problem with labeling paediatric brain tumour “survivors”
Sobia Khan
Page 66-Page 67
Coping with cancer: Improving mental health support services in cancer care
Timothy W. Buckland
Page 68-Page 69
Lost in Transition: A young adult cancer survivor’s perspective on life after cancer