Vol. 8 No. 1 (2017): Volume 8: Gene Editing and Personalized Medicine
Volume 8: Gene Editing and Personalized Medicine

This volume explores the emerging world of gene editing and personalized medicine. Sub themes in this volume include: 

Clinical applications of "-omics" technologies in personalized medicine
The role of genome editing in health care
The social and ethical implications of genome editing

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Volume 8

Main Submissions

Yichi Zhang, Aaron MacCosham
Page 18-Page 20
Cut, Repair, Stitch – How Close Are We to Molecular Surgery Performed Using Genome Editing Techniques?
Michelle Yee, Alex Dragoman, John-Paul Oliveria
Page 21-Page 24
An Overview of CRISPR – From Germs to Giants
Parastoo Boroumand, Farigol Hakem Zadeh
Page 25-Page 26
Next Steps in Cancer Therapy: Integration of Gene Editing in Inducible Pluripotent Stem Cells
Love P. Sandhu, John F. Dawson
Page 27-Page 28
CRISPRs to Treat, Understand, and Prevent Disease
Abirami Kirubarajan, Jia Lu, John-Paul Oliveria
Page 29-Page 31
Vectors Have Both Magnitude and Direction: Considerations for Viral versus Non-Viral Vectors in Gene Therapy
Robert Ungard
Page 32-Page 33
NEW Developments in Human Embryonic Research Put Pressure on the 14-Day Rule
Caleb Seward, Harry Li, John-Paul Oliveria
Page 34-Page 36
CRISPR and TALEN: Facilitating Tailored Genomes of the Future
Ohood Alharbi
Page 37-Page 38
Clinical Application of Omics Technology in the History of Primary Lactose Intolerance
Matthew Boroditsky, Mobeen Mubasher, John-Paul Oliveria
Page 39-Page 42
A Lens Into Mass Cytometry: A Multifaceted Technology Used to Delve Deep into Single-Cell Analysis
Meghan Lofft
Page 43-Page 44
Heritable Genome Editing: Technological Innovation for Future Perspectives in Healthcare
Jennifer Shuldiner
Page 45-Page 46
The personal side to genetic testing
Abirami Kirubarajan, Emily Norris, John-Paul Oliveria
Page 47-Page 49
It’s In Your Genes: Recent Considerations in Germline versus Somatic Gene Therapy
Parastoo Boroumand, Neshat Deljoomanesh, Farigol Hakem Zadeh
Page 50-Page 52
Query into the Future of Gene Editing: Possibilities and Apprehensions
Moushumi Nath, Xinwen Zhu
Page 53-Page 55
The Predictive Power of Omics: Clinical Applications
Spandana Amarthaluru, Michael Aw, John-Paul Oliveria
Page 56-Page 58
In Utero Gene Therapy: A Brave NEW World of Designer Babies?