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Health Science Inquiry is an annual online peer-reviewed journal that seeks to publish the views and thoughts of Canadian graduate students and post-doctoral fellows on pertinent issues in the health sciences. Our editorial team includes student members from universities all across Canada. 

Volume #11 "Determining Health" has been published

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Update on the best submissions contest:

Submission judging has been delayed due to university closures in response to COVID-19. Winners will be announced in September through our social media. 

 TWO AWARDS ($150 each) for top scholarly perspective or commentary (chosen by a panel of Canadian university faculty)

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Current Issue

Volume 11, No. 1Volume 11: Determining Health

Published August 10, 2020

Issue description

This volume explores how our external environment — both natural and constructed — influence and shape human health. Submissions in this volume highlight the influence of three key aspects:

Natural environment
Socioeconomic environment

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